Montalto Physical Therapy opened in August of 2007. As a private practice, Montalto Physical Therapy greatly appreciates the relationship it has with the members of the local community. It is this very relationship that has helped us consistently grow over the years.

Recover From Sports Injuries Faster

Sports can be brutal and cause some of the worst injuries you may ever experience. When you suffer an injury while participating in a sport, seeking a sports therapist is the best way to start the recovery process.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is the practice and study of medical principles which are related to sports science, especially in the areas of athletic performance, sports training, sports injury prevention, injury treatment, and injury diagnosis. In addition, sports psychology, sports nutrition, workout planning, and exercise regimens are also addressed within the realm of sports medicine.

Woman looks after a man laying on a table, holding his arm

What does it cover?

Sports injuries can broadly be categorized into two classes: traumatic injury and overuse injury. Our treatment of sports injuries covers:

Who is it for?

Sports Medicine is not only the realm of the elite sports person. It is as important for the novice athlete, the weekend warrior, and the Olympic athlete. In each case, the athlete’s recovery and return to sport (whether it be Saturday afternoon lawn bowls or the Olympic Games) is of equal importance.

Setting your goals for recovery

One of the biggest parts of your recovery is making goals. Working with a therapist allows you to set reasonable goals that can help motivate you to recover.

Once these goals are set, you and your therapist will then formulate a plan that helps you achieve the goals within a proper time period.

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